Spreading Seed & Straw Food Plot Seed
Our mission at Woodland Agricultural Services LLC is to produce quality food plots and assist land owners in their food plot needs. Woodland Agricultural Services LLC has put in 100s of food plots all over the state of Pennsylvanian, eastern Ohio and Southern New York. Owner Chris Yeager brings over 20 years of agricultural experi-ence to growing quality food plots. Woodland Agricultural Services LLC is a Pennsyl-vania and Ohio licensed seed dealer. We are also a Pennsylvania licensed pesticide application business for agricultural plant pest control. Chris is also an avid sports-man and brings his field experience to the planning of good wildlife habitat.
Spreading Seed & Straw Food Plot Services
Woodland Agricultural Services provides seeds and planting equipment for your Food Plot Needs. We can build your food plots the way you want them. Our custom services has been building food plots for over 10 years. We can also provide soil samples and site prep. We also provide lime and fertilizer your food plots. We can help you layout your food plot or plots. Food plots must be located near where wildlife seek cover. Prime locations include near brushy areas, corners of shrubby fence rows and wooded area edges. Ideal plot sizes are 1/4 to1 acre for site in the woody area’s plots. Larger plots should be long and at least 50 feet wide. Irregular shapes are preferable as they provide more edge.